Importance of English

Importance of English

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  • July 26, 2018
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In a globalised scenario, knowledge drives the world. Science and technology have opened up vistas of new information and it has become an unavoidable prerequisite for people, particularly the young ones  to gather knowledge , sharpen their intellect and  thereby ensure their employability in the modern competitive world. The presence of a common language which can connect  them  with the resources of knowledge is a vital necessity in this context. That is where English fits in, the language with immense flexibility and adaptability, the natural “lingua franca”.


Communication has over the last two or three decades  acquired the dimensions of a fundamental tool of multi-faceted functioning.  People do not any longer confine themselves  within  the familiar  settings of particular  geographical entities. They have started exploring a new world, globe-trotting. In the world of yesteryears, there was the constraint of not having access to a common language to facilitate international interaction.  Citizens of a country learned only their mother tounges;  that sufficed their requirements of finding placements or settling down. As the world opened up, and technology extended  it’s  borders to magical spaces, people started to criss-cross  it  seeking greener pastures. English language came handy to assist them. Communication between and among farflung  cultures is the norm today to balance co-existence.  English has built a bridge. It has helped humanity to reach distant  destinations . English has converted the world into a global village.

In the field of education, English has been widely accepted and accommodated. Contents are better understood if they are served in English and students can decipher subjects more clearly because the language used is more focused. Technology is absolutely dependent on English , necessitating familiarity with the fundamentals of the language. Training  centres for English communication have sprouted  up everywhere,  highlighting the urgency of it’s mastery. Cambridge University’s  language tests like IELTS ,TOFFEL  etc  have become very popular  because high band results in such exams prove the authenticity of the candidates’ command of English and also guarantee attractive  opportunities in developed countries.

Resources  of study materials for English have multiplied exponentially  with the advancement in technology. Apart from conventional classrooms and libraries, the language can be learned systematically  from  the internet, television etc…Many innovative techniques are being employed to teach English to small children , worldwide today.

Corporate conglomerates look at the world as a single and large market  and the economies are integrated. Business transcends geographical borders between countries  and this happens effortlessly because transactions are in the common language , English. International tourism, a lucrative revenue for many nations  thrives on English.

English is the most friendly language; it is also pleasantly receptive. It has never shied away from accepting and later  incorporating  into it’s syntax words from other languages. Learning of English language has to be encouraged  because it would empower the next generation to face daunting challenges which are in store in the world of the future.

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