About Us

Axiom English Academy

Axiom English academy have been passionately pursuing English academy have been passionately pursuing English language ever since it started evolving as the lingua franca.  Ten years have passed now.  Axiom’s mission has been to examine how English language can be effectively utilized to constructively implement knowledge acquired through education.

India is one of the very few “happening” nations in today’s technologically vibrant world. Indian expertise is inextricably intertwined with every global advancement in the present context .In all sectors globally – be it Engineering, Nursing, Technology or higher education, Indian presence has become an inevitable ingredient of progress. The world awaits Indian youth .The doors are open. The aspiring candidates, apart from having sufficient content knowledge and conceptual understanding, should carry  with  them  exuding   self- confidence which can be imbibed only through mastery of English, the language of communication. Cambridge University’s IELTS certificate is the most convincing proof of such mastery. Over the last ten years, (2008 – 2021) Axiom has helped more than 5000 candidates to pass the IELTS with required band-scores. They are spread over various developed countries like Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, USA etc. Axiom has its own unique touches in training communication, innovative techniques which ensure high band scores.

English has a predominant role in every transaction today, being the universally accepted language. It has to be learned and applied to be successfully present in today’s competitive world. We, at Axiom academy guide the candidates into the  friendly  world of English.

We have also developed innovative programmes  for soft-skills and personality development which are essential pre-requisites for language training.

Axiom academy’s endeavours are aimed at building a bridge between dreams and their realizations.

The bridge of English communication.